Who are the Friends of Big Bear Valley


Friends of Fawnskin (FoF) is a coalition of friends,neighbors,  residents and visitors of the Big Bear Valley with
the common goal of protecting our local natural environment for the present and future generations.


Our primary focus is:

      -public environmental education, and

      -involvement in local, state, and federal environmental processes.


We join with individuals and groups across the San Bernadino Mountains, Southern California and beyond.

By educating our members, the public and our public officials about the benefits of our natural environment, we:

      -reduce the environmental impacts of development, and

      -instill deeper appreciation of our natural surroundings.


Live Stream Eagle Cam

Eagle Cam Notice

Fri 12/14/18: Jackie and Shadow are still hanging out in the nest together a few times a week. This week they brought a few new sticks and moved a lot of others into place and Jackie tried sitting in the nest bowl for a bit. Jackie even spent the night on the nest tree one night. We don't know why Mr. B has not been around or where he is. A few people have reported spotting him around the lake. For any questions, please contact me at sandy@friendsofbigbearvalley.org



We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit.


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