Special Event

This year we are NOT hosting a weekend event to share Big Bear Valley’s amazing outdoor adventures.

Held in Big Bear Village corner of Pine Knot Avenue and Village Drive

Free Family Adventures

Perfect eco-adventures!

Inside the National Forest

And it’s ALL FREE!!

Nature, birding & discovery hikes
…green businesses
…water sports
…lake bird tours
…off-road rides
…activity booths.
…and much more!


For more info visit Big Bear Ecotourism’s website
Or contact us via  email

Here are some outdoor adventure samplers…

—Walk the Pebble Plain
—Tour the Wetland Meadow

Both have plants you cannot see
anywhere else in the world

—Enjoy the Lake
Paddlewheel boat tour around the lake,
kayak alone or with a partner

—Off-road Rides
On forest roads in high clearance 4WD

—Guided Hikes
Samples of trails around the valley

Walk to see/identify Bear Valley birds or
Tour by boat to see/identify lake birds