Our Unique Valley


        lupines over BBL 1      Hawk Snow Forest   

  snow catci 1  Duck 1   


     Snow Forest Bear     spring blossoms 1    

     crooked tree 1     Eagle over BBL  

             Houdini Snow Forest   

   fall colors 3   sunset from North Shore Landing   

      flowers in snow     spiral stump   

        Glassy Paddle        storm clouds BBL 1   

       Duckling 1   Skink   

         BBL from mountaintop 1    

       fall colors 2     snow trees 1 

        fog on BBL 3 copy 

         rock trees 1  

       lush meadow 2     pine cones 1 

        flowers yellow   BBL sunset mountaintop  

       rock trees 3






Eagle Cam Notice

On our eagle cam, the adults are named Jackie and Mr. B. They are not tagged but we believe that Jackie was hatched here in our valley 6 years ago. We do not know where Mr. B came from, but he is older than Jackie.


The chick is named Stormy and was hatched February 11 or 12. He is over half grown and eating on his own some now. 

Even when the parents are not in view of the webcam they are usually on the nest tree out of camera range or on a tree nearby, so Stormy is being well-guarded. 




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